ProjectMen is an innovative team of Designers and Project Managers who are dedicated to the Science and Art of structures. The Team believe that it is important to be knowledgeable in construction as well as being skilled in the design of functional and aesthetically pleasing buildings. This combination of both the theoretical and practical aspects allows the delivery of work to a high standard.

Projects are approached with the belief that all development starts with the client’s vision. The aim is to turn this dream into a reality, within the constraints of the client’s budget, while still maintaining the integrity of our design principals of functionality, sustainability and visual impact.

Taking the vision, our designers create a functional but imaginative plan. This blueprint becomes the basis for the renovation, remodelling or construction under the supervision of our experienced Project Managers.

Our body of work is spread across an array of urban, cultural and commercial projects which are showcased in the Western Cape, Southern African Countries and can be viewed via this website.